Easily Inspire, Bless and Change the Way You See the the World — through Judy Rey Wasserman’s UnGraven Image Art

∗ Discover the 21st Century’s  revolutionary art that uses the original Words of God for every stroke, just as strokes are used in traditional art

Unique art that shows the reality, both spiritual and scientific, which is the basis of our physical universe — It’s art at the intersection of ancient Bible theory held by all branches and denominations of Christians and Jews, and, amazingly also cutting edge elementary physics!

∗ Art that inspires you to see how the Words of the Lord God are actually in your life, everywhere always

∗ Beautify your walls with affordable gallery quality scripture art prints

Satisfaction Guaranteed. Miracles optional.

You’ve probably heard it said that a picture is worth a thousand words — How about a painting created of the Words of the Creator (letter by letter-strokes)?

Discover Judy Rey Wasserman’s UnGraven Image Art for yourself. Watch a painting develop using the original Torah font letters of Genesis 1-2:7 in the entertaining video below. [Can you find the joke in the final credits?]

“I’m seeing with Bible Eyes!” — Debbye D., Dallas, Texas


God’s Word Art Prints

Sunset created from the strokes of Genesis 1-2:7 by Judy Rey Wasserman


Psalm103 Butterflies