Genesis Sunset Art Prints

A Sunset is a Promise of a New Beginning

In the Bible, Genesis 1:3-5, the Creator speaks the world into existence. The literal translation from the original Hebrew is , “…God said ‘Light BE and Light BE’.”

Could that first sound and light (energy) also be thought of as what physicists’ call the Big Bang?God then saw that it was good. God separated the light from the darkness, calling the light Day, and the darkness Night. A first Day.

Each Genesis Sunset Artwork looks like a sunset, but the strokes that create the artwork are the letters from the words of Genesis 1-2:7. Bring new beginnings into your home and onto your walls to inspire your new days — everyday.

Genesis Sunset: Light Be!


Genesis Over Land with Birds (Strokes = Genesis 1-2:7)


Genesis Sunset Over the Sea (Strokes = Genesis 1-2:7)


Genesis Aleph (Genesis 1:2-7)


Genesis Sunset Dalet (Strokes = Genesis 1-2:7)


Genesis Beit Sunset (Strokes = Genesis 1-2:7)


Sunset on Genesis Bay (Genesis 1-2:7)

Sunset on Genesis Bay