The Romance of Scripture

“I am my beloved’s, and his desire is toward me.” — S0ng of Solomon 7:10

In a way, all of Judy Rey Wasserman’s UnGraven Image Art, which uses strokes from the letters of scripture is romantic, because the Bible is a book of the Lord God’s love for His children.

Bring romantic love into your home and onto your walls to inspire your days and nights — everyday.

Swan Lovers (Song of Songs scriptures)

Swans Heart Song of Songs

Open Bible Book (Strokes: Genesis 1 & Deuteronomy 34)

Swans Heart Song of Songs


The Hebrew word translated as “Heart” is Lev. Hebrew is not written with vowels usually, So the word Lev is written with the letters lamed and vet. The first and final letters of the original Bible is the word Lev — heart.

Thus the inclusion in this category of Open Bible Book (Strokes: Genesis 1 & Deuteronomy 34) created from the scriptures of Genesis 1 and Deuteronomy. These texts are the first and last texts of the Torah (Pentateuch), traditionally standing for the whole Bible.

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