• Downloadable page of Butterflies—Psalm 130 (KJV) by Judy Rey Wasserman. This artwork is suitable for framing and display as is, or as an adult coloring page, which may then be framed and displayed.
  • Professionally typeset complete scripture text of Psalm 130 (KJV) suitable for framing. Also downloadable.
  • “Inspiration Behind This Image” – the spiritual and artist reasoning for using butterflies to convey spiritual visual meaning for Psalm130. A downloadable printout.
  • "More Inspiration & Specific Translations" – a three page line upon line, precept upon precept study of Psalm 130, that retranslates specific Hebrew words from the KJV to explain ancient Jewish meanings and understandings that psalmist David held, making them relevant for today. 3 downloadable pages.

All pages are 8.5 x1 1 inches in PDF format.


Butterflies – Psalm 130 Coloring Packet

“I wait for the Lord, my soul doth {expect} wait, and in his word do I hope.” — Psalms 130: 5


In this adult coloring page by Judy Rey Wasserman, all the scripture verses of Psalm 130 weave throughout an idyllic garden scene featuring the life cycle of the butterfly.

Butterflies are symbolic of glorious transformation

When we want to change, to transform our lives there are steps that we can take, depending on the hoped-for transformation. Though your coloring activities in this book you have been taking steps to transform your life and relationship with the Lord G-D. Studying the words and ideas in each psalm and coloring artwork, locating the words of the psalm in each image and meditating, praying and interacting with each psalm are steps that lead to transformation.

Transformation comes from studying, praying, and meditating on the Word, the scripture texts, including this psalm. Now, for you it can also come from combining all of this into this unique study-devotional through coloring experience.


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